Bitcoin blockchain issue - bitcoin deposits temporarily suspended

Mark Karpeles
posted this on March 12, 2013 09:50

UPDATE 5:25pm JST. We are now resuming Bitcoin Deposits.


Due to an issue with the Bitcoin blockchain, all bitcoin deposits to MtGox are temporarily suspended.

This will be the case until the Bitcoin issue with the blockchain is resolved.


More details:


Bitcoin deposited with MtGox or in transit are safe. We disabled deposits because this condition makes it easier for an attacker to perform some kind of attacks Bitcoin is designed to prevent. Once the situation is back to normal, we will resume accepting deposits, and all deposits done in the meantime will be confirmed too.


UPDATE: Miners are encouraged to downgrade to Bitcoin 0.7.2 - at least temporarily - to push the correct blockchain forward. Once the correct blockchain is longer than the 0.8-only blockchain, we will be able to resume bitcoin transactions.

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